Norwood Grove Festival

where can i buy dapoxetine in uk F.A.C.E Productions has an on-going contract with the Norwood Grove Business Improvement Zone to handle all Executive Director responsibilities. This includes event planning and execution such as AGMs, member meetings, board meetings, and festivals. Unique to the Norwood Grove area is the band shell located in Coronation Park, Winnipeg Mb. This stage has full electrical hook ups for various applications. During the summer, events are held such as our Summer Festival with Bands and performances.

see here The Winter Festivals host a skating rink, snow sculpting and pre-recorded Festival music! Community groups like a local Zumba class offer outdoor summer events for the surrounding community. Our contract is not limited to events but covers a variety of responsibilities such as grant coordination, green team management, area plant design, holiday decor design and marketing! This unique contract utilizes all of F.A.C.E Production’s departments.

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Cabela’s Hunt Fest

Cabela’s Canada contracted F.A.C.E Productions to aid in the coordination, execution and elevation of their investment in to Hunt Fest 2010. As a major event sponsor Cabela’s brand needed to be well represented in all aspects of the event. Their image as a top industry retailer was key to maintain. With Hunt Fest traveling to 3 provinces over a 2 month period the planning of this event needed to have clear direction and the coordination of many departments.

Our team welcomed the challenge with open arms and the end result was a huge success! From the logistics of shipping to the booth design and construction we took care of it all! Our Design team took the booth budget and presented multiple options for layout including the design and construction of the booth entrance. Working along side the Cabela’s Canada staff and team, all ideas were shared and complied in many round table meetings leading up to the event. Their imput into everything was key to maintain their image and utilize their experience with executing the Cabela’s brand. Branching off from the Cabela’s Canada contract, Hunt Fest themselves contracted F.A.C.E and our Event Construction Team as well as the Promotions Team to help assemble their log cabin booth and promote/work the event! Always proud of our teams and that day was no different.

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