Underground Comedy Railroad – Winnipeg March 16th!

http://clevermindseries.com/product-tag/wax/?product_order=desc Tickets go on sale Feb 15th, 2012 for the Underground Comedy Railroad Tour, for Winnipeg! Everyone is getting pumped for this event! No only will the show promise to be a hit, but we have secured some additional perks for each ticket holder! First FUDE Inspired Cuisine & Wine Bar
has chosen to support the event with a special appetizer promotion for each ticket holder! Perfect for the complete night out plan to visit FUDE before the show or after! Located at 303-99 Osborne Street North, I must call for my reservation ASAP!

Recommended Reading Next we have confirmed with Stephen Hua of Sound Republic that Republic Night Club will be hosting the after party for our event. Every ticket holder for the Underground Comedy Tour will receive free cover! All Comedians will be attending the after party following the completion of the last show on March 16th!

Tickets can be obtained:

– In person at LOKA, B-542 Academy Rd  Winnipeg, MB

– Online with Ticketmaster (fees do apply)

– Through contacting FACE Productions at, info@faceproductions.ca

– Or at the Gas Station Theater Box Office Opening Night!